Monday 17 October 2016

Flirt With Danger mini-album

The Flirt With Danger mini-album is available on pre-release at:

If you're outside the UK, with the weakness of sterling, it will cost you precious little.

Created in my own studio, The Space Underground, and professionally mastered at Metropolis Mastering.

Features the following amazing atompunk neo-rockabilly tracks:
  • Even Spooks Need To Rock & Roll
  • Bikini Atoll Surfer Dude
  • Dirty Monkey
  • Dr Manhatten
  • The Mafia Stole My House
  • Silicone Sex Doll (Turned Terminator)

Idea for tape loop simulation in Logic Pro

Make up a short section of music, say, 13 seconds. Copy, mix differently and chop to 11 seconds. Bounce then pull both back in to new project as separate tracks and loop. Will drift out of sync and re-sync at 13 x 11 secs at 2 mins 23 secs, so that's as much as needed.

version 1: kick, hats, odd guitar chord and synth sounds that throw up odd squalls
version 2: rhythmic moog synth sequence with a couple of atmospheric sounds on top