Tuesday 23 February 2016

Love Journey 19/2/2016

Love Journey 19/2/2016

One-off R&B song.


Started with an experimental drum beat played in on digital pads. As it seemed quite funky, added a Tamla-style Logic Pro Drummer track and one of the Motown tambourine loops. Later used the original beat as congas using the Garage Band latin kit. Funk-style rhythm guitar added. Lead guitar channeled Ernie Isley's playing from 3+3.


Drums: Brooklyn kit from Drum Designer, kick and snare tuned up, GarageBand latin kit.
Bass: Rickenbacker 4003SW
Rhythm guitar: Squier CV50 Telecaster
Lead guitar: Fender American Special Strat, bridge p/u through Ehx Big Muff. Also compressed heavily in post-processing. 
Additional guitar: Gretsch 5127, clean setting.
Synths: Own Retro Synth patch, Analog Funk Wah. 2 Alchemy patches, Crystal Sun and Floating.
Vox: 3 tracks plus sampled female "oohs"

Output chain

Channel EQ with hard cut 29.5Hz, small boost 1.5KHz, small cut 3.5KHz and shelving filter boost from 7KHz up as 'air'.
Cytomic's The Glue compressor to provide 'glue'.
ToneBoosters ReelBus tape saturation.
Stereo imaging.
Adaptive limiter.

The track

Flirt With Danger

Flirt With Danger is a virtual band, in that in consists of just one member, me, and a home studio. There are no other humans involved due to the difficulty of finding kindred spirits in a small town. I used to play keyboards in a couple of London rock bands, Brilliant Pink and Aunt May. I also worked in a trio making drum'n'bass, which went through miriad name changes, recording a single as Tectonic, ans a final CD collection as Khan, Neale and Rowley.

The FWD music is mainly based on rockabilly and 60s garage, with a bit of punk and alt-country thrown in. Software synths are heavily used, with some songs having a science fiction basis to the lyrics.

Prime instrument is guitar, and my most common setup is either a Gretsch Tennessee Rose or a Squier CV BSB Telecaster, going through a Nocturne Atomic Brain, a Fulltone OCD and a TC Electronics Flashback, the latter set to slapback. For recording I use a Rift 5C amp, miked by a Shure SM58.

Bass comes from a Rickenbacker 4003SW, DI'ed from a Laney practice amp.

Vocals are done through a Sontronics STC-20. I freely admit my vocals are awful and I'd like someone to take over singing and writing lyrics.

The mics are amplified by a Black Lion Audio Auteur and recorded into an iMac running Logic Pro X. Monitors are a pair of JBL 305s.

Most of the recordings are original music, with covers mainly for practice when songs have some way to go in the pipeline.

My favourite tracks:
Most popular one though is a Link Wray cover, with more plays than the rest put together: Fire And Brimstone