Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Love Journey 19/2/2016

Love Journey 19/2/2016

One-off R&B song.


Started with an experimental drum beat played in on digital pads. As it seemed quite funky, added a Tamla-style Logic Pro Drummer track and one of the Motown tambourine loops. Later used the original beat as congas using the Garage Band latin kit. Funk-style rhythm guitar added. Lead guitar channeled Ernie Isley's playing from 3+3.


Drums: Brooklyn kit from Drum Designer, kick and snare tuned up, GarageBand latin kit.
Bass: Rickenbacker 4003SW
Rhythm guitar: Squier CV50 Telecaster
Lead guitar: Fender American Special Strat, bridge p/u through Ehx Big Muff. Also compressed heavily in post-processing. 
Additional guitar: Gretsch 5127, clean setting.
Synths: Own Retro Synth patch, Analog Funk Wah. 2 Alchemy patches, Crystal Sun and Floating.
Vox: 3 tracks plus sampled female "oohs"

Output chain

Channel EQ with hard cut 29.5Hz, small boost 1.5KHz, small cut 3.5KHz and shelving filter boost from 7KHz up as 'air'.
Cytomic's The Glue compressor to provide 'glue'.
ToneBoosters ReelBus tape saturation.
Stereo imaging.
Adaptive limiter.

The track

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