Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Flirt With Danger

Flirt With Danger is a virtual band, in that in consists of just one member, me, and a home studio. There are no other humans involved due to the difficulty of finding kindred spirits in a small town. I used to play keyboards in a couple of London rock bands, Brilliant Pink and Aunt May. I also worked in a trio making drum'n'bass, which went through miriad name changes, recording a single as Tectonic, ans a final CD collection as Khan, Neale and Rowley.

The FWD music is mainly based on rockabilly and 60s garage, with a bit of punk and alt-country thrown in. Software synths are heavily used, with some songs having a science fiction basis to the lyrics.

Prime instrument is guitar, and my most common setup is either a Gretsch Tennessee Rose or a Squier CV BSB Telecaster, going through a Nocturne Atomic Brain, a Fulltone OCD and a TC Electronics Flashback, the latter set to slapback. For recording I use a Rift 5C amp, miked by a Shure SM58.

Bass comes from a Rickenbacker 4003SW, DI'ed from a Laney practice amp.

Vocals are done through a Sontronics STC-20. I freely admit my vocals are awful and I'd like someone to take over singing and writing lyrics.

The mics are amplified by a Black Lion Audio Auteur and recorded into an iMac running Logic Pro X. Monitors are a pair of JBL 305s.

Most of the recordings are original music, with covers mainly for practice when songs have some way to go in the pipeline.

My favourite tracks:
Most popular one though is a Link Wray cover, with more plays than the rest put together: Fire And Brimstone

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