Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Zero Day

Zero Day 28/2/2016


Played in the 'Bo Diddley' called & response basic rhythm on drum pads then used Logic Pro Drummer to create a drum track based on it. Next came rhythm guitar; other instruments were added around it. Words came from a sci-fi novel I'll probably never get round to writing.


Drums: Brooklyn kit. Kick on intro separated out and used to duck the opening chord to allow it to sound through.
Bass: Rickenbacker 4003SW
Rhythm guitar: Squier CV Tele
Lead guitar: Gretsch Champagne Sparklejet with some LogicPro clip distortion added
Verse synth: Retrosynth Berlin Xperience with some ringshift effect added
Chorus synth: Alchemy Canyon Clouds
Intro/outro synth: Alchemy Atmospheric Phenomenon
Vocal samples taken for 'zero day' and 'don't sign up' with plenty  of tape delay, plus flanger on "don't sign up"


Zero Day



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